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INFINITY IS-100 (100w LED)

€ 1.115,00

  • Motorized Iris & Focus
  • Covers with quick lock screws
  • Fast color & gobo changes
  • Fast movement through high torque motors
  • Battery powered menu

The iS-100 is a powerful LED moving head, fully equipped with high-end technology, which is characteristic for Infinity®. Its high torque motors on both pan and tilt enable fast movements and a powerful 100W LED engine offers a bright and solid beam. Also, the trapezium shaped colour wheel ensures smooth colour changes, fades and split colours.

Additionally the iS-100 features has two gobo wheels of which one fixed wheel with 8 metal gobos and another rotating wheel containing 7 separately rotating gobos (2 of which are glass) and a colour wheel with 8 colours + white, offering the possibility to create half colours. For extra effects it is equipped with an iris as well a rotating 3-facet prism.

Lux @ 1m 52400
Beam Angle 15°
Light Source 100W White LED (LumiEngine)
Input Voltage 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 220W max. at full output
On-Board Battery powered full colour display including gravity sensor
Battery lifetime max 30 days (full charge)
Mode DMX, Auto & Master/Slave
Control Protocol DMX512
Control Personality Advanced 19ch /Basic 16ch
Wireless DMX optional available
Optical system  
Dimmer 0-100%
Strobe 0-20Hz
Focus Motorized
Iris Motorized
Prism rotating 3-facet prism
Pan 540°
Tilt 270°
Pan/Tilt resolution 16 bit
Special Pan/ Tilt, Colour, Gobo change, blackout,User-selectable Pan & Tilt ranges, 540°/360°/180°, Reverse Pan / Tilt movement
Gobos & Colours  
Gobowheel 1 Rotating 2 glass + 5 metal gobos (replaceable)
Gobowheel 2 8 metal gobos
Gobo functions Gobo-flow effect,Gobo shake
Rotation Bi-directional
Gobo inner diameter 23mm
Gobo outer diameter 26,5mm
Colours 8 dichroic-filters + white
Colour functions Split colours, Rainbow-flow effect
Colour Black
Housing Metal & Flame-retardant plastic
Fixture Connection XLR 3&5p Data in/out, Powercon power input
Dimensions (WxDxH) 303 x 306 x 485 mm
Weight 16,5Kg
Certification and Safety  
Certification CE
Max. ambient Temp. 40°C


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Fabrikant Infinity